Mariyam Noordeen
President of Chefs Guild of Maldives

I take great honor in the occasion of hosting the Official Culinary Challenge of Chefs Guilds of Maldives (CGM) in Co – Partnership with Dhivehi Expo Services Pvt Ltd. Indeed it is a great achievement for CGM with more than 450 entries and from 60 different resorts participating in this Culinary Challenge.

The ambition of this Culinary Challenge organized concurrently with Food and Hospitality Asia Maldives Exhibition 2015 is to provide the Chefs working in the Maldives with an opportunity to demonstrate their skills and compete on an international platform.

The Competition been Endorsed by the World Association of Chefs and Societies (WACS) and been organized in compliance to the standards established by the WACS, makes it the only Culinary Competition that is recognized internationally.

I take this opportunity to warmly welcome all the Chefs and Resorts taking part in this CGM's Official Culinary Competition and extend my sincere thanks for WACS, CGL and Dhivehi Expo Services for assisting CGM in organizing this Competition and most of all the International Judges who spared their valuable time to support this CGM's International Culinary Challenge.