Chef Gerard Mendis
Chairman - Chefs Guild of Lanka

It is with the greatest of pleasure that I address the 2nd edition of the Food and Hospitality Asia – Maldives 2015 (FHAM) International Culinary Challenge.

Following the success of the event held in the year 2014, Chefs Guild of Lanka has continued to support FHAM which has shown a significant progress in the International Culinary Challenge as well as in the exhibition. Our single largest ambition as a body is to continually empower, develop and advance the culinary industry as far as we can reach. Today, through this event, our support and resources reach beyond Sri Lanka to the Maldives; realizing a long awaited vision that has come on the back of many years of hard work to provide hundreds of chefs in the Maldives with a world class culinary event that will enable them to showcase and be recognized for their talents, experience new developments and world trends and receive feedback for improvement from world renowned WACS (World Association of Chefs Societies) judges.

The Chefs Guild of Lanka has worked closely with Sri Lankan chefs over the years; inspiring creativity, innovation and development amongst local chefs and enhancing local employment creation and an ever growing skilled workforce. Our efforts have uplifted the image of chefs in Sri Lanka, resulting in the profession now being widely sought after by school leavers as Sri Lankan chefs become icons and achieve an almost celebrity status.

The Initiative taken in the year 2014 to form the Chefs Guild of Maldives and its affiliation with the WACS world body has turned on to be a very high success and a remarkable achievement for the chefs in the Republic of Maldives. As the chairman of Chefs Guild of Lanka, it is my pleasure to support and guide the Chefs guild of Maldives in all their activities carried out for the betterment of the hospitality industry. Chefs Guild of Maldives has exclusively partnered with Food and Hospitality Asia Maldives Exhibition and International Culinary Challenge for the second consecutive year while making it the most popular and colorful event among all Chefs, Hoteliers and Industry professionals in the region. We fully intend to help Maldivian chefs prepare and participate in all future global culinary events with great success.

The future for the culinary industry in Maldives has never looked brighter or more exciting. For the first time in the History of Maldives, the response towards (FHAM) International Culinary Challenge 2015 has exceeded the maximum number of entries representing over 60 resorts. We are gratified and delighted to note the commitment and enthusiasm the event has evoked in participants.

I wish every participant at the (FHAM) International Culinary Challenge 2015 every success andlook forward to three days of pure culinary magic!