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    Advertisements will be placed in the most prominent newspapers in the Maldives, to generate awareness among the business community and the hospitality industry of Maldives. A program pre event awareness and during event Invitation advertisements shall be placed for maximum attraction of Visitors.


    A special News paper supplement on the Occasion of Inauguration of the FHAM will be placed in the most prominent news paper in the Maldives to generate maximum attention for the event.


    FHAM will carry out an extensive TV Advertisement Campaign prior and during the event to generate awareness and inviting the industrial buyers to visit. Most prominent TV channels will be selected and the advertisement s will be placed in business related programs and news to generate maximum attention from the business community.


    FHAM representatives will attend Talk Shows, News and Other TV Business programs in prominent channels in Maldives.

    As part of Decorations and Interior Design of the FHAM, organizers will place printed materials where Principal Sponsor Logo will be placed.


    An attractive Entrance Hoarding will be placed at the Venue entrance of the event to welcome the visitors and generate attention to the event.


    A large attractive and colorful backdrop will be placed where the Chief Guest and the members of the head table will be seated. The back drop will be seen in all inauguration ceremony coverage in media and pictures.


    FHAM will have large colorful pennants and banners placed as part of decoration and promotion in different prominent locations of the venue during the exhibition.

    FHAM will carry out an extensive industry buyer coordination campaign to attract the key decision makers of the Hospitality Industry of Maldives to visit the event.


    FHAM will ensure that all industry related buyers and decision makers are identified in a comprehensive database that will be updated every year and will be sent invitation cards with different levels follows

    a. General Invitations
    b. Personalized Invitations
    c. Inauguration Invitations
    d. Reminder Invitations


    FHAM will develop an event promotional material "SHOW PREVIEW" with all the exhibitors and participant's profiles in brief. The show preview will be mailed to all the Hospitality Industry decision makers and buyers a week ahead of the event create awareness, remind and to create more interest to visit the event.


    FHAM will organize a media conference prior to the event inviting the media, industry officials and other important officials related to the Hospitality Industry to create awareness, provide information and generate attention for the event.


    FHAM will be developing and mailing attractive promotional e-mail and email flyers that will be periodically mailed to all the decision makers and related business community updating and promoting it's the events activities and news. A comprehensive updated database will be consistently in placed to support e-promotions.


    FHAM will have a dedicated website where all information, news and other details will be provided for customers. The website will also be having multiple links to the main website of Dhivehi Expo and other related stakeholders.


    FHAM will be developing attractive Full Color Promotional Poster campaign with Stand Alone Posters and Wall Posters. The poster campaign will be launched two weeks before the event in-order to re-remind and generate more awareness.

    Stand Alone Posters: Will be placed in

    a. Leading Resorts & Hotels
    b. Guest Hoses
    c. Fast Food Outlets
    d. Leading Super Markets and Shops
    e. Banks & Airline Offices
    f. Govt. Departments
    g. All other prominent locations

    Wall Posters: Will be placed all across the streets in Male', giving importance to the main business area to re-remind and generate awareness of the forth coming event.


    FHAM Colorful Road Banners will be placed two weeks before the event to generate more attention. The banners will be placed in prominently location in Male' and where the authorities permit for Cross Road banners.


    A full color FHAM Exhibitor Directory will be developed with Profiles of Exhibitors, Exhibitor Advertisements and Culinary Challenge Participants and information. The Exhibitor Directory will be the key document of the event and will be distributed freely to all the visitors.


    FHAM Exhibitor Manual is a document that provides all the information required by an exhibitor to participate in the event effectively. The manual will be the guide for all the exhibitors to make their work easier.


    FHAM will develop badges for the visitors that will give clear indication potential buyers and visitors. These badges will be worn by the visitors while touring the exhibition and the exhibitors will be able to recognize from the badge the organization that the visitor represents that will ease in identifying the potential Customers. In addition, FHAM will do pre-registration for industry visitors and the badges will also be mailed to those buyers.


    FHAM's International Culinary Challenge will be as big as the Exhibition of FHAM and has always been having more than 400 entries of participation from the resorts and hotels in the Maldives annually.

    a. Brochure
    b. Rule and Regulation Booklet
    c. Application form
    d. Culinary Challenge Directory
    e. Certificates
    f. Culinary Challenge e-communication leaflets


    FHAM will be advertising in Hospitality Industry and Business magazines to generate awareness and providing detail information through articles.


    FHAM will be sending buyer registration forms to all industry related decision makers as the pre-registration for Buyers. This will also be a part of updating the database and to generate awareness for the event.


    FHAM Culinary Challenge Award Ceremony will be held with the Business Gathering in a cozy and cocktail party environment. The function will be attended by all Exhibitors, important buyers, sponsors, culinary challenge participants' special dignitaries etc.