Dr. Rick Stephen CMC
Director of WACS

Greetings to all the chefs in the region of the Maldives.

The Maldives would be the most dynamic Island Nation in the World, not only attracting number of visitors but also some of the best Chefs in the World.

Since gaining independence from Britain back in 1965, The Maldives have gone ahead in leaps and bound, this is also reflected in the Chefs of Maldives. Last year the Chefs Guild of Maldives (CGM) was accepted as a Full Member of the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS), this alone is a great step forward as so many door can open for the members as World Chefs, as known by many has more than 10 million members throughout the world.

The next step they have achieved through the guidance of President Mariyam Noordeen is to have their International Culinary Challenge taking place at Food & Hospitality Asia Maldives Exhibition which is recognized as a World Chefs Endorsed Event. This year it will happen from 10th, 11th and 12th of August 2015 in Dharubaaruge, Male. The World Association of Chefs Societies is very proud to have the Chefs Guild of Maldives as a part of our WACS family and its FHAM 2015 International Culinary Challenge will be in accordance with the guidelines set down by WACS most importantly in Judging. This then would see any Chef winning a medal in this International Culinary Challenge is capable of winning Medals in any part of the World. Most importantly the Certificates that you receive in FHAM 2015 & International Culinary Challenge will have WACS Logo on it which makes it recognized all over the World. I would like to invite all the Chefs in the Region, to be part of this extravaganza, and as the Continental Director for Asia, I look forward to the opportunity to meet you all during the event in your beautiful Island Nation "Maldives". Happy cooking and more importantly – enjoy your work! www.worldchefs.org